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What is Skred?

Skred is a secure and anonymous messaging app available on Android and iOS. Anonymous because you do not have to provide a phone number or email address. Skred uses the available data network, it can be used in Wi-Fi without a SIM card.

How can I be contacted without a phone number?

Your Skred profile is associated with a “Skredcode” that you can share with other people nearby directly by having it scanned as a QR-Code, or send it as an invitation link by email, SMS, etc.

I don’t see my contacts, how do I add them?

Skred does not access your contacts. This is why the list is empty on first start. You must therefore send invitations yourself using the main button “Add a contact”. You have control of the invitations sent. The “Invite via your apps” option is probably the easiest.

What does Skred communicate when I invite someone?

When you invite a contact to establish a relationship with you on Skred, only an identifier representing your profile is communicated. Nothing else.

Are my communications really private?

Yes. Exchanges are encrypted end-to-end, mobile to mobile. Even Skred’s servers have no knowledge of the content of your exchanges. Skred relies on open and secure “WebRTC” technology to exchange text, image, audio or video data. More information on this technology is available at:

My messages too? Yet I receive them in notifications!

Yes, even your messages. When you send a message to someone, this person is notified and your mobiles will connect to each other to send and receive the message. Skred only informs the recipient’s mobile that a message is available, without sending it through our servers.

Why am I not always receiving the messages sent to me?

Since messages do not pass through our servers, the Skred application must be open or active in the background when you receive a message. You must ensure that the application is not prevented from working in the background on your mobile when one of your contacts requests you.

On Android:

  • Check that Skred is authorized to receive notifications.
  • Go to “Settings > Application > Skred > Permissions > Enable all notifications and background execution permissions.
  • If you have a power saving mode, make sure that it does not disable Skred when this mode is active.
  • In “Settings > Battery”, check that Skred has not been added to a list of “Application in standby” / “Application in deep standby”.

On iOS:

  • Check that Skred is authorized to receive notifications.
  • Make sure background refresh is enabled for Skred, via Settings > General > Background Refresh > Skred.

I discovered a menu called “Skredboard”. Who is it ?

The “Skredboard” is an advanced feature of Skred. It allows you to create new profiles invisible from your first profiles and whose access is protected by a code that you define. The contacts you add later are also protected and can only contact you or be contacted when you activate your level by its code.

How do I get out of the “Skredboard” and find my basic profile?

Simply enter the code “0”, associated by default with your first level in Skred.

How do I delete a profile created via the “Skredboard”?

Open the “Skredboard”, choose the “Delete” option, enter the code of the level to be deleted, then “OK”.

I change phone, how do I keep my Skred profile?

Since Skred is accountless and encrypts its data on the phone, there is currently no reliable method to migrate its profile to a new device for Android.

For iOS, Apple allows a full backup of the phone provided you do it via iTunes and choose an encrypted backup. When restoring to the new device, Skred will find all of its information. This is made possible because the encrypted backup will also embed the security keys generated by Skred.

What happens if I uninstall Skred? Will I keep my account?

By uninstalling the application, you will lose your profile, contacts and conversations. If you reinstall it later, you will need to create a new profile and invite your contacts again.

How to find the contacts that we have invited?

People who have accepted your invitation automatically appear in the “Contacts” list on the home screen.