Comments and press review


Eric M
February 9, 2021
Works perfectly. Efficient, simple and intuitive. Is there a “dark mode” interface planned?  Thank you for the development of this application and the respect of privacy.

Damien Burguburu
February 20, 2021
Excellent. There is a very good website that explains how the application works and especially why there are messages aren’t sent immediatly. There are no servers so both correspondents have to be online to receive the messages… they can’t be waiting on the server since there is none. All my encouragements for the continuation.

 Azy Rack
March 20, 2021
Discovered by chance; absolutely deserving team and meticulous work; absolutely operational and entirely secure; the clarity of the calls is perfect and the vocal/video exchange is very simple.  Try it and you will love it ! Thank you to the whole team for this excellent work, the Internet user’s comfort is optimal.